About Me

Hi friends!

I’m Haley Colette, a student with a love for all things health and wellness.  I have a passion for creating healthy recipes, and serving my body in ways that make me feel confident and motivated.  You can count on me for recipes made with real ingredients that don’t compromise taste, because the food we eat should taste good and make you feel good too!

I started my journey a few years ago, where I first found my love for eating sustainably to fuel my daily sports. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes up to the importance of nutrition that I realized I had been doing it all wrong!  I started reading nutrition labels, simplifying my ingredients, and getting in my daily fruits and veggies and I felt a major change for the better! Since then, I set out on a mission to learn all the newest health trends to find what fuels me best so I can keep living my best life!