New Years Resolutions: 2020 Edition!

It’s 2020! It’s the start of a new year, a new decade, and a clean slate. It’s also the perfect time to set goals and intentions to shape your future, so you can come out in 2021 as an even better form of yourself!

In my family, we have always grown up writing our “New Years Resolutions”. When I was younger, mine used to be to score x amount of goals for my soccer team, or to be chosen to be part of the Olympic Development Program travel team (I’ve always been very athletic!). Sitting down and writing these resolutions on paper made them concrete. There was no backing out, but there were 12 months to move forward and work towards making these goals a reality. Nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of checking off boxes and watching your dreams come to life!

Over the years, the whole “New Years Resolutions” tradition has gotten a bad rap. But the beginning of a new year–and in this case also a new decade–can be a time to start fresh with a clean slate. So, you want to start eating healthier? That shouldn’t be such a crime! It’s okay to want to clean up your diet or workout more often if that is something that makes you feel good. Now is the time to set a few goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months that make YOU a better form of yourself. It’s okay to push yourself!

Here are a few of my goals this year:


I think we could all benefit from drinking more water! Water hydrates the body, clears the skin, and keeps the digestive system moving. Plus, when I’m hydrated, I just feel GOOD, ya know? Who doesn’t want to feel good?

I always see a huge difference in my energy levels when I incorporate more vegetables in my diet. Vegetables are filled with tons of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for our bodies to operate optimally. The best part is, they’re SO easy to slip into everyday meals. An extra handful of spinach in your smoothie. Riced cauliflower in your oatmeal. Your body will thank you later 😉

Lastly (and most importantly) I am making it a goal of mine to eat intuitively, and honor my body’s needs. Having a good relationship with food is extremely important. I will eat to fuel: my morning, my workout, my shopping spree, whatever it may be. I am going to make sure I listen to my body’s hunger cues and eat foods that make me feel good (because no one wants to see a hangry haley lol)!


Between school, sports, babysitting, dog-walking, I barely have enough time to sleep every day! So where do I make up for it? I usually set my alarm to the veryyyy last second and scramble to get to class on time. This year, I want to focus on having a solid morning routine. I am going to set 10 minutes aside to relax, stretch, and reflect every morning. I get stressed out very easily, and I believe that 10 minutes will make a huge difference on my mental state!

When there’s a lot on the agenda, it can be overwhelming. I always push things off until the very last second (procrastination is REAL). I seriously can’t tell you how many nights I have waited until 11:00pm to start studying (yikes!). But not anymore! This year, I am making it a goal to get work done when it’s assigned. It’s time for me to re-claim control over my life. Not going to stay a slave to late night studying this year (if I can help it!).

Getting my work done earlier will also allow me to fix my sleep schedule. Restoring my circadian rhythm is something I have been wanting to do for a while now: falling asleep soon after sunset and waking up with sunrise. I used to do this last year by leaving my blinds open and waking up with the sunlight and I felt so much more naturally energized. Trying to re-incorporate that!

And the one you’ve been waiting for…the fitness goal. As an athlete, fitness has always been part of my life. I love running, but I always feel more motivated when I have something to train for. This year, my goal is to run a half marathon! I love running long distance, but I have never run more than 6-7 miles continuously. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and discipline, but I’m excited to have a race to train for!


We ALL have goals for ourselves. It is human nature to want what you don’t have and it’s okay to demand more. It’s okay to strive to be better. But it’s also important to know that YOU are enough. These goals for the new year are just that–goals. They are something that you can strive to achieve, but they are NOT something to obsess over. Everything in moderation.

Here’s to a NEW year, a NEW decade, and a fresh start! These next 12 months are an opportunity for you to become an even better form of yourself. Overall, I am hoping to finish the first year of the decade less stressed and more intuitive in all aspects of life. Here’s to 2020!